Low Voltage Switchgear

GEPL Low Voltage System are tailored to offer the economy and flexibility of choice for most of the Industrial and residential applications. We can meet high current applications up to 6300A @ 415V ~ 690V down to few ampere applications. Typical applications include Distribution, Motor Control, Power Factor Improvement, Synchronization and PLC Control.


  • Designed as per applicable IEC Standards & Customer Specification
  • Fixed, Compartmentalized & with-draw able
  • Front or rear access
  • Suitable for all Power Distribution, Industrial, Commercial & Domestic Sectors.

Technical Data:

  • Rated Voltage: up to 690 V
  • Rated Current: 6300A
  • Rated Short Time Current: up to - 200KA
  • Protection Class: IP30 ~ IP54
  • Typical form of separation: Form 1 to Form 4b
  • Mild Steel Sheet Thickness: 1.5mm~3mm